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Jimmy Jib Triangle Crane (
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Stanton Jimmy Jib Triangle

We have over 23 years experience operating Jimmy Jib cranes.

When you are looking for a Triangle Crane, or Jimmy Jib package, cost should not be the only factor. It is important to hire an experienced operator with safe, well maintained equipment. Experience counts to maintain safety and get the shots you need! Make sure the company you hire has that experience!

The Stanton "Triangle" Camera Crane is a cost-effective, highly portable alternative to large riding cranes and other complicated remote-head crane systems. The Triangle offers a full remote camera head (pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, tape/film start & stop) all operated from the ground. Both film and video cameras, up to 55 lbs.,can interface with the Triangle. When adapted to one of our dollies, this crane can also be run on track. Stanton cranes are packed for travel as checked baggage on most airlines.

Our Triangles Cranes are available in seven different lengths.
4'4" reach offers a 9' lens height
6' reach offers a 13' lens height  
9' reach offers a 16' lens height
12' reach offers a 19' lens height
15' reach offers a 23'' lens height
18' reach offers a 25' lens height
24' reach offers a 30' lens height

("Reach" is the term used to measure a jib from the tripod/fulcrum to the camera end of the arm. This measurement does not include the "tail" of the jib, so it is not an overall length.)