Dolly Rentals in New York, Connecticut, New Jerser

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Mini Jibs    $150-250/day

Our mini jib is a shortened version of our Triangle Crane. Available in various sizes (from 4'4" to 9'), it is the perfect size for tight locations, or table-top shooting. Unlike most "mini" jibs, this very rigid arm can handle 35mm cameras with no problem.

This jib is available in either a manual head model, or with the standard Jimmy Jib remote head.
The manual head version will accept 100mm, 150mm ball heads, O'Connor, and Mitchell heads as well as our Ronford 7 underslung head. All heads can be mounted above or below the jib arm.

Mini Jibs can be mounted on heavy duty tripods or on various camera dollies (shown here on our Super Pee Wee III+ Dolly).

Both the manual and remote configurations can support a camera weight of 55lbs.

Available sizes
(lens heights are approximate):
4'4" reach (10' lens height)
6' reach (12' lens height)
9' reach (15' lens height)