Dolly Rentals in New York, Connecticut, New Jerser

Slider Dolly Kit
4' Slider Dolly - $95/day
5' Slider Dolly - $105/day
6' Slider Dolly - $115/day
8' Slider Dolly - $125/day
(If you need junior stands add $25 to any kit. The center support is only needed for the 8' Slider Dolly and is included with that kit.)

Our Slider Dolly is the perfect solution when you want to add a dolly move, but your location is too small for a conventional dolly, or it's difficult to lay dolly track.

The Slider Dolly plate glides on aluminum rails which are supported by two junior stands. The stands allow the camera to be adjusted to whatever height you need. If stands are too high, you can flip the aluminum rails and place them directly on the ground or on apple boxes. The aluminum rails come in 4', 6', and 8' lengths but custom sizes can be cut to length. You can also use our Slider Dolly on conventional dolly track for even longer moves.

Unlike other rail dollies, ours has two adjustable safety bars which prevent the dolly from lifting off the track. The bars also allow you to add resistance to the dolly move if needed.

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Advantages of our Slider Dolly:
• Very Portable
• Ideal for confined spaces or rough terrain
• Fast, easy set up... built in less than 2 minutes
• Easily adjustable lens height and leveling using 2 junior stands
• Extremely quiet
• Lightweight yet heavy duty
• Adjustable resistance
• Accepts Mitchell, 75mm, 100mm or 150mm fluid heads
• Our junior low-boy stands are adjustable in height from 3'3" to 6'5" - these stands have one "Rocky Mountain" leg for leveling on uneven surfaces

Dolly Mounted Slider - $125/day
We also offer our slider dolly in a shorter 3' version that attaches directly onto a Chapman, or J.L. Fisher Camera dolly. This version is perfect for adding motion to table-top shots or for added versatility when shooting over the shoulder shots. The 3' long slider offers 21" of camera movement.

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